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OEF Wheels offers a Lifetime Structural Warranty on all wheels. OEF WHEEL warrants that our wheels will be free from structural failure under normal and intended use for as long as the original retail purchaser owns the product and is non-transferable.


OEF Wheels will repair or replace any wheel that, upon inspection by OEF Wheels or its authorized agent, is found to be out-of-round for a period of fourteen (14) days from the date of delivery for the original retail purchase. Out-of-round conditions caused by improper installation, accidents, wheel impact, racing or off-road use are specifically excluded. No Exceptions!


Chrome, PVD or Painted Wheels: OEF WHEEL warrants, to the original retail purchaser, that chrome,PVD and painted aluminum finishes will be free from peeling, discoloration or lifting on the face of the wheel under normal and intended use for a period of one year(Limitations apply).

Polished Wheels:Polished aluminum wheels, that have not been clear coated, oxidize. They require regular maintenance. Polished aluminum finishes are not covered under warranty by OEF Wheels.

Surface rust or pitting which are direct results of improper maintenance, are not covered by this Limited Warranty. If OEF Wheels and/or its authorized agent, determined the finish on a wheel, upon inspection to be defective, OEF Wheels will repair or replace the wheel, at its sole discretion. This warranty excludes finish defects caused by normal wear and tear (gravel/rock chip, etc.), accidents, wheel impact, racing or off-road use, neglect, corrosion, inclement weather, chemicals and the use of caustic, acidic or abrasive cleaners.


The wheel(s) have been damaged in transit.

Product has been used in any fashion other than the intended purpose of normal on-road use i.e. racing, competition or off-road use.

Repairs or alterations are performed outside of OEF Wheels and/or its authorized agent.

Misuse, negligence, accidents or wheel impacts (curb swipes, potholes, road hazards, etc.) occur.

Improper installation or the use of incorrect wheel accessories; such as wheel adaptors, spacers and non-approved lug nuts.

Product is damaged due to improper tire mounting procedures or the use of clip-on style wheel weights.

Finish defects occur caused by normal wear and tear, negligence, corrosion, inclement weather (road salts etc.), chemicals or the improper use of caustic, acidic and abrasive cleaners.

Tires installed are larger or smaller or incorrect load rating than the recommended for the wheel rim width and vehicle use.

The original retail invoice or sales receipt is not available for verification by the original retail purchaser

How to Initiate Warranty: To initiate a warranty claim, the original purchaser shall return the wheel for visual inspection to the retail or wholesale dealer from whom the product was originally purchased; along with a copy of the original sales receipt. “Should the dealer determine that the wheel has failed to perform as expected under this warranty the wheel will be repaired or replaced at the sole and absolute discretion of the dealer. Such repair or replacement shall NOT include the cost of removal, shipping, installation or reinstallation of the wheel.

To the fullest extent recognized by the laws of the state where the wheel was purchased, OEF WHEEL issues this limited warranty to define the rights of the purchaser, and limit OEF WHEEL, with regard to warranty claims.